Mississippi State Athletics

Mississippi State Athletics


Pursuant Sports helps Mississippi State Athletics raise $1.5 million for stadium expansion in three short months

The Mississippi State Athletics Bulldog Club approached Pursuant Sports to create a catalytic fundraising strategy to help identify and prioritize new Bulldog Club major giving prospects in the following areas:

1. Drive participation in the Today. Tomorrow. Forever Athletics Facilities Initiative at the $25,000 level and above

2. Reach a broad audience with information about the expansion of the Davis Wade Stadium in the north end zone to prompt interest in purchasing newly available season tickets

To identify and prioritize major giving prospects, Pursuant Sports developed a campaign narrative featuring current season ticket holders and former student-athletes looking back on their memories at Davis Wade Stadium, telling their stories from the vantage point of the seats they sat in when they experienced their most dramatic memories of Bulldog football. The video narrative and supporting copy were hosted on a campaign landing page, and included a short contact form for prospects to complete in order to receive follow-up contact from a Bulldog Club representative. The video, landing page copy and call to action were all tailored to speak to both audiences: major donor prospects with propensity to give at the $25,000 level and above, and a broad base of current donors targeted for promoting the newly available season tickets stemming from the expansion of the north end zone.

Personalized invitations mailed to 5,000 major donor prospects, and three email sends to the full list were utilized to drive traffic to the campaign’s landing page.
The contact form embedded directly on the landing page prefilled recipients’ address information to reduce friction and facilitate responses from prospects.

By the end of the campaign, 1,812 major donor prospects (an overall response of 4.59%) had completed the form asking to be contacted by the Bulldog Club in order to discuss options for upgrading their seats in preparation of the Davis Wade Stadium reseating scheduled for 2014, and to discuss making a deposit for new season tickets that will be available through the North End Zone Stadium Expansion.

Mississippi State Athletics saw a dramatic increase in the number of major gifts during the course of the campaign.

bulletpoint Major gifts increased from four per month during the previous year to an average of
12 per month in 2012.
bulletpoint Mississippi State Athletics averaged in the top 25 percent of monthly fundraising totals
since the inception of the Today. Tomorrow. Forever Athletics Facilities Initiative in 2009.
bulletpoint Seating deposits also increased dramatically during the course of the campaign:
- Suite deposits increased 62% (oversold)
- Loge seating deposits increased 69%
- Scoreboard Club deposits increased 63%
- Gridiron deposits increased 54%

What’s Next?
At Pursuant Sports, we are excited about the future of Mississippi State Athletics, and we believe strongly in our partnership and ability to maximize opportunity through strong data analytics, strategic planning and sound execution. Building on the momentum from 2013, Pursuant Sports is working with Mississippi State Athletics to develop a game plan that ensures ongoing success into 2014 as Mississippi State looks toward the 40th Anniversary of the Bulldog Club and prepares for stadium reseating and other key initiatives, including the development of a communication strategy to address current and prospective donors and season ticket holders in preparation for the Davis Wade Stadium reseating.

About the Bulldog Club
The Bulldog Club, chartered in 1974, is a nonprofit organization committed to supporting the athletics program at Mississippi State University, primarily by providing scholarships for student-athletes and facilities necessary for the program.

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University of Miami Athletics

University of Miami Athletics


Pursuant Sports helps the University of Miami Athletics raise more than $100,000 and acquire 250+ new donors with an online acquisition campaign

The University of Miami Athletics approached Pursuant Sports about creating a catalytic fundraising strategy to help them meet their 2012 goal of 500 new donors and $650,000 in revenue over and above ticket-related giving.

Pursuant Sports developed an online Building Champions campaign featuring University of Miami celebrities Coach Jimmy Johnson and Michael Irvin and supported by student-athletes, coaches, and Athletic Director Blake James. Miami continued to put their star power to use by asking several celebrities to mention the campaign and the #buildingchampions theme on Twitter. Fifteen percent of all site traffic came from Twitter, making it the second highest source of traffic behind the email campaign. The Building Champions campaign also saw a high amount of mobile traffic with 41 percent of site visits occurring on a mobile device.

The campaign was driven primarily by email directing recipients to a landing page featuring a video and supporting copy. A form embedded directly on the landing page pre-filled the recipient’s address information and provided a targeted ask amount. To reduce friction and facilitate the giving process for donors, Miami Athletics moved away from using their current ticketing system to accept donations and worked with Pursuant Sports to develop a payment form integrated with the University’s Advancement Computer Systems.

By the end of the email campaign, the $40,000 investment by the University of Miami resulted in $71,764 from 445 gifts. More than half of the donors to this campaign were first-time donors. Since the end of the email campaign, Miami has reported receiving additional revenue beyond $100,000.

What’s Next?
The University of Miami Athletics and Annual Giving have both contracted with Pursuant Sports to develop solutions to help them grow their base of donor support and upgrade current donors to higher levels of giving. Pursuant Sports is currently developing a strategy to target Hurricane Club members, providing them with a personalized renewal experience tailored to their interests and ability to give, as well as opportunities to increase the impact of their giving.

About the Hurricane Club
The Mission of the Hurricane Club is to strengthen the University of Miami’s commitment to student-athlete excellence both academically and athletically. Through the Hurricane Club, volunteers, alumni, fans, and former student-athletes collectively seek to provide the operational and scholarship funding vital for all 17 varsity sports.

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12th Man Foundation

12th Man Foundation


Pursuant Sports helps the 12th Man Foundation raise more than $100,000 in 2012 through an online acquisition campaign

Beginning in 2010, the 12th Man Foundation partnered with Pursuant Sports to develop and execute fundraising strategies targeting member acquisition, lapsed donor reactivation, planned giving, and stewardship. This included a member acquisition campaign in early 2012.

The year 2012 proved to be an exciting time for Aggieland as Texas A&M University moved to the SEC, and “Johnny Football” wowed fans on his way to winning the Heisman Trophy. To take advantage of the historic season and the date 12.12.12, the 12th Man Foundation asked Pursuant Sports to develop a campaign strategy to engage its entire donor base.

Pursuant Sports developed an online campaign utilizing email, SEM, social media, and Google remarketing banner ads to drive traffic to a fundraising microsite featuring a dynamic video and supporting copy. A contextualized form embedded on the landing page allowed donors to make a gift to the 12th Man Foundation directly through the microsite. A drawing for $500 in Aggie gear incentivized donors to give in increments of $12 for entries submitted into the drawing. And predefined donation amounts of $36, $144, and $1,728 were utilized to ensure that the average gift amount remained high. An Adidas polo shirt served as an additional premium for donors giving $1,728 or more. Combined with the member acquisition campaign from earlier in 2012, the 12th Man Foundation raised more than $100,000 on a $70,000 spend with Pursuant Sports.

Impact of Social & Search
One out of three visitors to the landing page for the 12.12.12 campaign used a mobile device, with 15 percent of mobile revenue coming from an iPhone or iPad. Both Facebook and Twitter generated revenue for the campaign. Facebook resulted in $2.57 earned for every shared link originating from the campaign, and $4.60 was earned for every Twitter post. Searches and SEM also played a factor in attributing to campaign revenue, with “Johnny Manziel” as the top search term leading to site visits.

What’s Next?
The 12th Man Foundation recently announced the Campaign for Aggie Football, an all-encompassing capital campaign to ensure that Aggie Football remains a competitive program in the future. Pursuant Sports is currently working with the 12th Man Foundation to develop strategies to support this major

About the 12th Man Foundation
Named in honor of the famous Texas A&M 12th Man tradition, the 12th Man Foundation strives to continue Texas A&M’s athletic success by funding scholarships, programs, and facilities in support of championship athletics.

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University of Oklahoma Sooner Club

We created this landing page and video as part of our campaign execution for their 2012 membership campaign.

Mississippi State University Bulldog Club

We created a landing page with a custom video as a part of our work the Bulldog Club’s 2012 campaign.

Pursuant Sports Brings A Data-Driven, Comprehensive Fundraising Strategy To Clemson University Athletics

Pursuant Sports Announces Partnership with

Clemson University Athletics


Pursuant Sports begins engagement with Clemson University Athletics to bring a data-driven, comprehensive fundraising strategy to the IPTAY program.

Client Profile
Clemson Athletics’ IPTAY (I Pay Ten A Year) membership program is one of the oldest collegiate athletic booster clubs in the nation. Widely considered to be the father of athletic fundraising, IPTAY is the heartbeat of Clemson Athletics. With more than 16,400 members strong, IPTAY is able to support and continue the growth of the Clemson athletic program. For more than 75 years, IPTAY has played a major role in providing student-athlete scholarships, as well as building and maintaining the facilities that are essential to Clemson Athletics.

“We have teamed up with Pursuant Sports to elevate our fundraising initiatives and increase awareness of our brand in IPTAY. Since working with Pursuant, we have truly ramped up our acquisition goals, taken a proactive data-analysis approach, and enhanced our IPTAY fundraising brand. Pursuant’s thought leadership through a comprehensive program has challenged us to change the way we speak to our donors.”
- Travis Furbee, Assistant Athletic Director/Director of IPTAY Annual Fund

Even with a powerful fundraising history and a well-known brand, the Clemson Athletics staff desired to take a strong leap forward in maintaining their place as one of the premier collegiate fundraising departments in the country. Like many successful organizations, they face the issue of continued organizational growth. IPTAY needed to find ways to grow outside of their ticket base by bringing in new members and cultivating them into lifelong supporters, while at the same time stewarding their current core donors to growing levels of commitment.

Clemson Athletics engaged in Pursuant Sports’ Philanthropic GPS program, which took a deep dive into the organization’s fundraising history for a comprehensive analysis. Then, by utilizing SmartData analytics—a donor intelligence system that examines donor behavioral data—IPTAY will be able to use targeted messaging to current donors and non-donors. This messaging will be crucial to creating a lasting relationship with IPTAY’s members by speaking in ways that specifically resonate with them through multichannel communications. Pursuant Sports has begun Phase One with Clemson Athletics, developing a two-year comprehensive strategy that includes a direct response and online program, as well as a major membership acquisition campaign surrounding IPTAY Day this fall.

“It was important for our team to know where this amazing institution had been, so we could make informed recommendations as they move forward,” says Greg Colunga, lead consultant for Pursuant. “As a part of our data analysis, we found an expected strong loyalty to the IPTAY and Clemson brand, but a missing systemic and scalable way that they could identify, cultivate and upgrade donors from the lower levels of their file without giving them ticket packages in exchange for their philanthropic gifts. To grow quickly, the organization needed to invest in an infrastructure that could scale with them as they bring a more personalized experience with IPTAY and Clemson Athletics to their donor base moving forward. IPTAY was one of the original innovators of collegiate athletics when they started in 1934, and now they are looking to innovate again nearly 80 years later.”

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Pursuant Helped Arizona Athletics Start A National Movement

Arizona Wildcats Bear Down on


Pursuant Sports’ creative campaign helped University of Arizona start a national movement

Client Profile
The University of Arizona Athletics is an integral part of the university and local community, boasting 19 teams and almost 500 student-athletes. Arizona provides exemplary leadership, world-class facilities and necessary support so that its student-athletes can compete with integrity while also achieving academic success.

Arizona Athletics sought out Pursuant Sports to help grow their Wildcat Club membership base. For the effort to have a significant impact, however, the athletics department needed to broaden the donor base beyond the immediate radius of local game patrons.

The end goal was to substantially increase the number of participants in the Wildcat Club, a group whose gifts fund scholarships, facilities, equipment, team travel and other tools that help Arizona student-athletes succeed.

Pursuant Sports crafted a vibrant campaign that distributed creative media across several communication channels to invite nonmembers to join the Wildcat Movement. Going beyond traditional athletics fundraising, the Wildcat Movement was philanthropic—focusing on
developing loyalty to the program and dedication to the department’s mission.

The campaign featured a specially designed microsite, an award-winning video, engaging and consistent messaging, tools to drive traffic, and methods to effectively convert prospects into members. Pursuant Sports drew from the ticketing database, social media feeds, and the athletic director’s newsletter list to reach alumni, parents, locals and the extended fan base, even if they hadn’t attended the university.

Prospects received campaign emails inviting them to join the movement. Recipients could then click through to the microsite, watch the video, and give online. To maximize usability, Pursuant Sports used technology to pre-fill the online donation form with a recipient’s known information, along with a suggested gift amount. The website also captured valuable data that was provided to the telemarketing center so callers could follow up with the most promising donors.

The video, which captured the spirit and excitement of the athletic program, was also broadcast
on the scoreboard during games. Fans could then go to a mobile-optimized donation form
through which they could give directly from their phones.

The Wildcat Movement was an idea that extended beyond one campaign to become the ethos
of the entire athletic department.

The Wildcat Movement resulted in more than 525 new members with revenue twice the amount invested in the campaign.

The Wildcat Club video won Pursuant a 2011 Telly Award, which honors outstanding commercials, online content and video production.

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Mississippi State Bulldog Club Campaign

We created this landing page and video as part of a campaign for the Mississippi State Bulldog Club. 

Oregon State Year End Thank You

We created this microsite and email campaign as part of our ongoing work with Oregon State University Athletics. Donors were inspired to give based on the stories of Oregon State’s student athletes. 

Tulane Stadium Website

We created this fundraising website as part of ongoing campaign work with Tulane University. 

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